The Iberian lynx: Prehistoric feline grace

Until recently the survival of the Iberian lynx, one of the world’s rarest wildcats, was in doubt. But conservation efforts are finally paying off. Continue reading


Reopening old wounds in Spain and making a mockery of justice

United Nations experts are urging Spain to investigate what happened to thousands of people who went missing during the Spanish civil war and under the Nationalist Franco dictatorship. Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church has beatified 522 people killed by Republicans, rubbing salt into the open wounds of impunity and denial. Continue reading

The wages of sin: Time to abandon Spain’s pact of silence

Many countries have been persuaded that it is better to ignore and suppress the past in the interest of forgiving and forgetting. Such arguments are often put forward by those who have most to hide and most to lose. The opposite argument – that past sins must be publicly acknowledged – recognizes that in violent conflict everyone is scarred for life. Continue reading


Women, children, and public memory are the first casualties of war

The abduction of babies from their mothers is a crime that has no justification. Denying that such a crime is either conceivable or takes place diminishes our common humanity. Continue reading


Spain’s right to memory under threat

The politics of public or “collective” memory are alive and well in Spain, where a controversial dictionary of national biography has whitewashed the career of its former dictator, General Francisco Franco. Continue reading