A handful of berries keeps the doctor away

Long before setting off on a ten thousand year fishing expedition along the coast of their brave new world, our tree-dwelling ancestors lived on a diet of berries and nuts. Continue reading A handful of berries keeps the doctor away

Robert Frost: My November Guest

In 1912 the American poet Robert Frost left the USA for England. In London he met many contemporary poets including Edward Thomas, T.E. Hulme and Ezra Pound, and it was there that his career began to flourish after the publication of his first two volumes of poetry. Continue reading Robert Frost: My November Guest

The road not taken (I)

Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem The Divine Comedy begins with the lines “Midway upon the road of our life / I found myself within a dark wood / for the right way had been missed” (in Charles Eliot Norton’s version) – perhaps the best known lines in western literature. Writers and artists often use the allegory of taking the right or wrong road to explore life’s confusions and conundrums. Continue reading The road not taken (I)