Old-fashioned Christmas cards

Nostalgia is a way of capturing time past. Continue reading Old-fashioned Christmas cards

Rabbits! And thereby hangs a tale (almost)

The Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit is the world’s smallest breed, and one of the rarest. Fully grown these little creatures weigh in at less than a pound. Some years ago, it was feared that the breed had vanished, but a few were found and rescued. Continue reading Rabbits! And thereby hangs a tale (almost)

The lost art of letter-writing

The demise of hand-written letters and real greetings cards is to be lamented. E-mails and e-cards are just not the same and the sight of familiar handwriting (legible or not) can be uplifting. A joy, therefore, to find a blog that unites the old and the new by collecting remnants of a vanishing age and republishing them digitally. Continue reading The lost art of letter-writing