Buster Keaton meets the Schnozzola

In the 1930s, the film studio MGM starred Buster Keaton with Jimmy Durante in an attempt to shore up Buster’s ailing career. The pair made three films together, which Keaton hated and the public loved. Continue reading Buster Keaton meets the Schnozzola

Stan Laurel: Funnier than Keaton or Chaplin

At Christmas 1952 the inhabitants of a small village in the middle of England were surprised and delighted to discover two of the world’s best known comedians seated at the bar of their local pub. Laurel and Hardy were in another fine mess. Continue reading Stan Laurel: Funnier than Keaton or Chaplin

“Footlights” moves into the limelight

In 1952 Charlie Chaplin wrote and directed the film Limelight, in which he starred alongside the young Claire Bloom. It tells of a once-famous comedian in decline. Now, after 60 years, Chaplin’s short novel that inspired the film is being published. Continue reading “Footlights” moves into the limelight