Rachmaninov under the auctioneer’s hammer

The autograph manuscript of Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony – the one with all the great tunes – has been sold at auction for £1.2 million. The 320-page score was presumed lost until it was discovered in the cellar of a Swiss collector in 2004. Continue reading Rachmaninov under the auctioneer’s hammer


Tap-dance – a joyful art

Tap-dance has its roots in African-American dancing, English clog dancing, and Irish step dancing. The comedian Dan Leno began his career as a clog-dancer, while hoofer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson tap-danced his way into Vaudeville history. As President, in one of his few enlightened acts, George W. Bush signed into law National Tap Dance Day, celebrated on May 25, Bojangles’ birthday. Continue reading Tap-dance – a joyful art