Singin’ the blues

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious stone prized since antiquity for its intense blue colour. For over 6,000 years it has been mined in Afghanistan, from where the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians obtained it. There are also deposits near Lake Baikal in Siberia and, in a lighter blue form, around Ovalle in Chile. Continue reading Singin’ the blues


Travelling in Time (Part I)

It’s an age old question. If it were possible to go back in time, where, and why, would you choose to go? Continue reading Travelling in Time (Part I)

Doctor Zhivago lives on!

It is 45 years since David Lean’s film of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago captivated – and perhaps transformed – the lives of countless adolescents. Who cannot recall the snowy landscapes and romantic imagery? Who cannot hum “Lara’s Theme”? Continue reading Doctor Zhivago lives on!