The sound of silence

A church in East Sussex (England) has released a CD of the building’s ambient noise to raise its profile and generate funds. Members of St Peter’s Church, East Blatchington, have sold their first copies at an open day and taken orders for more. Continue reading The sound of silence

Mapping the world (and Manchester)

Maps and map-making have a fascination all their own. The need to know where we are touches an ancient nomadic nerve that anticipates later exploration and conquest. It’s a case of putting the cartography before the horse or car or ship, in which today’s GPS devices digitally transform parchment and compass. Continue reading Mapping the world (and Manchester)

Frozen Planet: The icing on the cake

Watching the astonishing BBC series Frozen Planet (2011) – for which no superlative is an exaggeration – one is struck again and again by life’s diversity, resilience, and incongruity. Narrated by the inimitable David Attenborough, it is a plum pudding of vistas and facts among which is the astonishing story of the Isabella Tiger Moth. Continue reading Frozen Planet: The icing on the cake