The Arabian leopard

The Arabian leopard is native to the Arabian Peninsula, but fewer than 200 animals live in the wild. Fortunately, the Arabian Wildlife Centre has been breeding it for more than a decade in order to try to save this beautiful animal from extinction. Continue reading


In praise of the Russian Blue

“The Naming of Cats” in T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (1939) might have been written for the Russian Blue. Such a unique cat demands a name that befits its character and reputation. Continue reading

“Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright” – but not for much longer

“The Tyger” is a poem by the English painter and poet William Blake, published in 1794 as part of his collection Songs of Experience. Blake may never have seen a tiger (London Zoo only opened the year after his death), but he would have deplored the callousness of a world that allowed them to become extinct. Continue reading