Never in a month of sundaes

A cafe in the Middle East has created the world’s most expensive sundae. Served in a Versace dish with matching spoon, the price tag is approximately $800.

It took the Scoopi Café, a gourmet ice cream parlour in Dubai, five weeks to create the “Black Diamond” in a deliberate bid to make the world’s most expensive ice cream. It costs 3,000 Emirati Dirhams, which convert to a little over $800.

Black-DiamondOnly top quality ingredients will do. The ice cream is made from Madagascar vanilla that has been infused with the highest quality Iranian saffron, topped with slices of black Italian truffles and 23-carat edible gold. Apparently, the truffle adds depth to the flavour and customers get to keep the Versace spoon and bowl – presumably after licking them clean.

In February 2015, a New York City restaurateur unveiled a $25,000 chocolate sundae, setting a Guinness world record for the most expensive dessert. Stephen Bruce, owner of Serendipity 3, partnered with luxury jeweller Euphoria New York to create the “Frrozen Haute Chocolate” –spelled with two rs for some reason – a blend of 28 cocoas, including 14 of the most expensive and exotic from around the world.

This dessert is infused with five grams of edible 23-karat gold and served in a goblet. At the base of the goblet is an 18-carat gold bracelet with one carat of tiny white diamonds. The sundae is topped with whipped cream sprinkled with more gold and a side order of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier, which sells for $2,600 a pound. The whole confection is supposed to be eaten with a gold spoon decorated with white and chocolate-coloured diamonds.

Ask not who can afford such extravagance or why it might be considered obscene. Instead, ponder the words of Mark Twain who, in The Innocents Abroad (Chapter XXXVI), tells of spending a day and a night in Odessa – then and, ironically, now part of Russia – and writes:

“We sauntered through the markets and criticised the fearful and wonderful costumes from the back country; examined the populace as far as eyes could do it; and closed the entertainment with an ice-cream debauch. We do not get ice-cream everywhere, and so, when we do, we are apt to dissipate to excess. We never cared about ice-cream at home, but we look upon it with a sort of idolatry now that it is so scarce in these red-hot climates of the East.”

Twain was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth and would undoubtedly have had something scathing to say about an ice-cream sundae that cost a sum of money that might feed a family for a year in some of the world’s poorer countries.


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