Three scenarios – no comment

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” Benjamin Franklin.

A man, born with a congenital absence of the fibula in both his legs and long ago superbly adapted to using prosthetic limbs, is asleep in bed with his girlfriend. The house they occupy stands in a well protected secure neighbourhood in a city where gun violence leads citizens to arm themselves. They are the only people in the house.

Scenario 1. In the early hours of the morning the man wakes suddenly when he hears strange noises coming from another room. Leaving his girlfriend in bed and now fully alert, he quickly puts on his prosthetic limbs, picks up a gun and goes to investigate. Discovering that there is apparently someone in his bathroom, and fearing a violent robbery, he shoots through the door four times, killing the person within.

JusticeScenario 2. In the early hours of the morning the man wakes suddenly from a nightmare. It has left him disorientated and he doesn’t notice that his girlfriend is no longer lying beside him. Hearing noises coming from another room, he stumbles into his prosthetic limbs, grabs a gun and goes to investigate. Frightened and in fear of his life, he fires the gun four times through the bathroom door at what he imagines is a burglar inside, killing the person within.

Scenario 3. In the early hours of the morning the man is wide awake after a ferocious and bitter argument with his girlfriend. She has accused him of being moody and aggressive, of being interested only in himself, and she has taunted him with being “less than a man”. Having bullied and threatened her, he furiously grabs a gun and chases her through the house. She runs into the bathroom trying to escape. He fires through the door – four times.


2 comments on “Three scenarios – no comment

  1. Lou Judson says:

    If guns were not allowed she would live!

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