Bizarchitecture (V)

“The rigidity of a bottle’s form does not affect the fluidity of the liquid it contains.” – Léon Krier, The Architecture of Community.

The Kettle House, Galveston, Texas. Rumour says the man responsible for building the Kettle House used to make storage tanks for oil companies. However, his identity is unknown. The structure is believed to have been put up during the 1950s. Some say the Kettle House was a silo, turned upside down and roofed. One local resident thinks the building was originally intended to serve as a convenience store, although it never opened. Residents say that around the year 2000 the owner(s) removed the rusty old top of the Kettle and replaced it with a wooden roof. Since then, windows have been renewed, air-conditioning added, and a mailbox placed out front. But no one resides there.Bizarchitecture(V)


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