Sleeping on the job

“Sleep is sweet to the labouring man,” wrote John Bunyan in The Pilgrim’s Progress. But only if it’s not on the job!

In Britain, a lorry driver has been fined after dozing off at the wheel and colliding with a motorway sign advising “Tiredness can kill – take a break”. The man admitted driving carelessly after he had gone for more than two hours over the statutory limit without stopping for a rest. He was fined a total of £1,375 and had nine points endorsed on his licence having admitted to falling asleep in the northbound carriageway of a busy motorway. Rumour has it that at the time he was listening to William Hague giving a speech.

Meanwhile in France, a driver ended up trapping his car on the steps of a Paris metro station after mistaking it for the entrance to an underground car park. The man managed to brake in time to stop the vehicle, leaving the back wheels sticking out. No-one was hurt in the incident, which immediately drew a crowd of onlookers who thought it was a Sarkozy election stunt. French police gave the driver a breath test without finding any trace of alcohol, but he later failed a cheese test.

Sleeping on the job could be worse:


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