Not too late to be impressed

I am telling all my friends to discover David Milne. One of the revelations living in Canada is that Europe does not have a monopoly on fine art. The Group of Seven can hold their own against French post-impressionists any time. The money may be in Monet, but landscape has never been the same since the Canadians entered the fray.

Milne, who followed the Seven chronologically, is both distinctive and unique. Among the three greatest artists of their generation in North America, according to art critic Clement Greenberg, Milne devised his own way of representing landscape and still-life. At different times using oil paints and watercolours, his sparse, essential style reveals absence more than presence, often emphasizing colour by denying it.

There are a few works in the National Art Gallery of Canada (in Ottawa), but by far the best collection is held by the Art Gallery of Ontario (in Toronto) where there is now a David Milne Study Centre. If you do not know this wonderful artist, rush to discover him for yourself. Revelations are few and far between!


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